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Boho wedding

Ideal for romantic couples who see in nature the projection of their love.

Amalfi Coast Wedding

“On the Amalfi coast there is space only for classic and elegant weddings”. Wrong idea, or just this is what superficially appears. Yet it is interesting to see how many couples choose the location for its nature without sacrificing elegance. This is because nature has always been associated with love and mostly in this “indie”decade has returned to be center stage at exclusive weddings.

This copule chosen Vietri to get married an then thought to have a shooting session around Amalfi Coast first then moving to Cilento Coast on the sourthern part of Salerno. They definitely found a strong connection between these two different coasts.

The Escape

There is often some kind of escape feeling in a boho wedding, that in a place like Amalfi Coast gives to the bride and groom a sense of protection. They feel safe and comfortable with the environment.

Sometimes the dramatic skies coul add more mood to the pictures like in this case (see the gallery below). When the sunis not too bright the pictures got this kind of ethereal and there is no need to pop them out.

The magic is already there. Be ready to capture it.

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Custom your wedding

Total Boho

If your willing to have a “total boho wedding” you will could consider the idea to find a reception that might suits this need, so close to the nature and then all of your guests won’t complain any loss in comfort while you will be having a shooting somewhere in your ideal love escape! We have several solution ready for you.

Boho Chic

If your need is something more sofisticated and elegant but you want to keep that sense of  ethereal in nature, you might be consider to chose a very classic and elegant reception in a venue with some kind of floreal design that remind you what you will do when’ll move up close to have one hour shooting in the surrounding area.  Then you will satisfy your need of elegance without put apart “boho” elements. Check our proposal.

Boho post wedding

You might be considering to have a classic ceremony or even a symbolic ceremony in an exclusive venue or reception, but you are planning to have a creative shooting in a natural environment, as because you do not want to put aside that sense of ethereal and magic feeling of a boho background.

Find out the possibilities

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