Exclusive venue and hotel

We have chosen the best venue and hotel for your stay and your wedding. You will be in touch with professionists that we trust for their attitudes and deep sense of hospitality. You’ll find comfort and elegance and real local experience.

Photography First

You are in the right place if you think that photography is the most important thing that you will keep  of your wedding in the future. Visit the wedding galleris or Emiliano Russo website and book with us.


Marriage in Amalfi Coast is not simply a wedding experience, yet is an intimate tourist experience for a couple and Amalfi Coast is surely one of the most amazing and romantic places in Italy, even in autumn and winter.

Wedding Services

Discover how you can customize your wedding with services as floreal design, music, dress, jewelery and everything that our trustworthy wedding planners will accurately show you to guarantee only the best.

Local tourist services

We will suggest you all the best experience to live during your stay in Amalfi Coast and you will meet a very friendly and welcoming local people who will show you all the beauty and disclose the local culture and history.

Keep upgraded

We have several news on Amalfi Coast that might be interesting for you. They are about local life and cultural tourism, yet also interview to the entrepreneurs, wedding planners and many other people on the Coast.

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Master in tourism and territory

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